6-Foot Naginata/Spear , Red

September 19, 2013

6-Foot Naginata/Spear , Red
6-Foot Naginata/Spear , Red Detail

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6-Foot Naginata/Spear , Red Description

Whether on the battlefield or guarding the castle and its emperor, the samurai employed a long-range bladed weapon known as a naginata. It averaged two to three meters in length. In battle, the naginata proved to be one of the most feared weapons, since it could stab, thrust and cut from any angle. Thrusting and cutting at full speed using the naginata drains ones power and quickly leads to fatigue. One must kiai (give a shout of encouragement) much louder when wielding a long-range weap…

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6-Foot Naginata/Spear , Red